terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010

Ballads Pop

Ballads Pop

01. Robbie Williams Feel(4:21)
02. Santana feat. Michelle Branch Game of love(4:15)
03. E.Iglesias Maybe(3:09)
04. Graig David feat. Sting Rise(4:47)
05. Faith hill Let me let go(4:11)
06. Groove coverage God is girl(3:01)
07. Marc Anthony She mendes me(3:17)
08. Morcheba Otherwise(3:42)
09. Plazma Listen to the rain(3:31)
10. Shakira Un poco de amor(3:55)
11. Alicia Keys Mr. Man(4:10)
12. Christina Aguilera Infatuation(4:18)
13. Emilla Kiss by kiss(3:59)
14. Jenifer Lopez Still(3:28)
15. Sarah Connor He’s unbelivable(4:19)
16. Shivares Jonh 2-14(3:21)
17. Smash Belle R’n'B version(3:51)
18. Tizzano Ferro Rosso relativo(4:02)
19. Toni Braxton Lies lies lies(5:10)
20. Blue feat. Elton Jonh Sorry…(3:49)
21. Whitney Houston Love that man(3:28)
22. TLC Buike(4:19)
23. Espend Lind Life is good(4:03)
24. Nelly Furtado Hey man(4:06)
25. Sugababes Stronger(4:00)
26. Joy Williams No les(3:48)
27. Afro-dite Turn it up(3:02)
28. Brandy I thought(4:30)
29. Christina Aguilera Get mine get yours(3:45)
30. Gareth Gates Any one of us(3:48)
31. Hooverphonic Vinegar & salt(3:16)
32. Darren Hays Spin(4:23)
33. A-ha Lifelines(4:18)
34. Jenifer Lopez Loving you(3:46)
35. Justin Timberlake Rock your body(4:29)
36. Natalia Imbruglia Beaty on the fire(4:22)
37. JJ Gilmore July don’t lie(0:14)
38. Graig David What your flava(3:36)
39. Robbie Williams Revolution(5:44)
40. No mercy Don’t let me be misunderstood(3:27)
41. Plazma Listen to the wild(3:42)
42. Bikini Don’t look back(3:40)
43. Sarah Connor Every little thing(3:37)
44. TizzanoFerro Perdono(3:59)
45. Mendez Madre mia(4:51)
46. Sylver In your eyes(3:31)
47. Tony Braxton Give it back(3:39)
48. Nevergreen Desert islands(4:42)
49. Lutricia Mc Neal Perfect love(3:25)
50. Dido Hunter(3:53)
51. Robbie Williams Regrets(5:11)
52. Janifer Page Started(3:30)
53. Enrique Iglesias Tres palabras(4:24)
54. Christina Aguilera Can’t hold us down(4:16)
55. Benefit Sex seels(3:56)
56. Marc Lavoline J’ai tout oulible(3:59)
57. Alcazar Shine on(3:27)
58. Jenifer Lopez Still(3:42)
59. Missy Elliot feat TLC Can you hear me(3:09)
60. Paulina Rubio The one you love(3:48)
61. Nelly feat. Kelly Dilema(4:50)
62. Natalia Oreiro Que digan lo que quieran(3:56)
63. Modern talking Maria(5:25)
64. Whitney Houston Watcufookinat(3:34)
65. Bengels Only you(3:18)
66. MS Dinamite It takes more(4:06)
67. Nicole da silve Firt kiss(3:43)
68. Orange blue Made to today(3:32)
69. Pink Dear diary(3:29)
70. Mad house Isla bonita(3:45)
71. Sugababes Just it like go(5:02)
72. Bro-sis Do you(3:11)
73. Atomick kitten It’s ok!(3:18)
74. Chrisitina Milian Thank you(4:29)
75. Sister Kippers Liebe und verstland(3:58)
76. A-ha Time & again(5:03)
77. mUSE Unintended(3:57)
78. Blue Best in me(3:12)
79. Aurora The day it rained forever(4:01)
80. Cue Hello(3:20)
81. Brayn Adams Here i am(4:05)
82. Jai I belive(4:51)
83. Will Young Light my fire(3:28)
84. Perry Blake Weeping tree(3:08)
85. Lara Fabian You’re not from here(4:49)
86. Peel Neverending(3:57)
87. Patricia Kaas If you go away(4:25)
88. Natalia Oreiro Alas de libertad(4:09)
89. Enrique Iglesias Mmacita(4:53)
90. Pink Evently(3:37)
91. Toni Braxton Snow flakes(4:27)
92. Travis Side(3:57)
93. Davis Guetta Don’t let me go(3:38)
94. Anastasia Paid my does(3:20)
95. Double you Dance with me(3:07)
96. Ellinor If you wait for me(2:56)
97. Joy Williams No les(3:48)
98. Lutricia Mc Neal Perfect love(3:25)
99. Enrique Iglesias Marta(4:24)
100. Natural Put your arms around me(3:10)

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